ZJBENY (Zhejiang Benyi Electrical Co., Ltd) is a leading manufacturer of DC components for solar PV string protection.

A national high-tech enterprise with more than 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, ZJBENY always develops the solar DC components according to the newest DC standards. Focus on solar DC protection design, producing, and marketing. Bring solar PV safety to our customers.

Thanks to the first UL508i listed patented DC switch in China, the first DC-PV2 DC switch in worldwide. We can build long term partnerships with well-known solar companies.

As the solar PV systems and industry requires higher and smarter controlling and protection, ZJBENY develops automatic and more cost-efficient solutions like rapid shutdown, AFCI solution for rooftop fire protection.

Innovation is the only way to the future.

*Top 1 Brand of DC isolator switch in Australia

*Only one supplier of true RoHS DC surge protection device

*Top 10 manufacturer of Solar Combiner Box

*With more than 30 years experiences in electrical industry