DC Isolator Switch With Fuse 1000V 2Pole 4Pole BYHRS-32

DC Isolator Switch BYHRS-32: *With Fuse *1000V *2Pole 4Pole


DC isolator switch with patent quick connectors and fuse

The installers no need to open the isolator enclosure, or wire any connectors to the cable. The cable is connected to the isolator directly.

The patent quick connector is more reliable and faster connection than MC4 connectors, save more time and easier than any others connection.

And the 1000V 30A fuse holder is attached with the isolator, supply over current protection for the positive or negative string. 

The BYHRS-32 isolator is the newest development for the solar string switch.

Electrical Characteristics


IEC60947-3 / AS60947-3:2018


DC-PV2 / DC-32B


2P    4P

Rated Operational Voltage

500V 600V 800V 1000V

Arcing time


Cycle Operation





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