DC Disconnect Switch 1000V DC 4Pole Solar Isolator Switch UL508i Listed BYSS.1-50/T-4

DC Isolator Switch BYSS.1-50/T-4: *1000V DC *Panel Mounting *UL508i Listed *4P for two conductors


UL 508i listed 350V 500V 600V 750V 1000V PV disconnect switch

The BYSS.2-50/T-4 (Panel mounting) DC disconnect switch is developed according UL508i standard.

For solar inverter DC side, solar combiner box and BESS UPS applications.

Patented compact switch design and instruction for reliable and safety.

Up to 1000VDC each circuit with double conductors:

350V 500V 600V 750V voltage levels at current range from 16A to 50A.

1000V with current from 16A to 30A.


*4P non-polar for two conductors

*UL508i standard

*350V/500V/600V/750V at 16A to 50A

*1000V at 16A to 30A

*Lockable handle

*Patented arc extinguishing instruction for arc interruption in 3ms.

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