Firefighter Safety Switch Emergency Rapid Shutdown Switch 1200W 120V NEC2017 BFS-11

Firefighter Safety Switch BFS-11: *1200W *120V *NEC2017


The firefighter safety switch is a manual push button switch for emergency manual shutdown the solar PV system rapidly.

** PV module integrated RSD junction box customized version is available 

** Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI) function is option

3 ways to shutdown the panels to 0V, more than NEC2017.

* Manual emergency switch off

* Automatic shutdown at inverter AC power loss

* Automatic shutdown when the temperature over 85℃

Plug and play Rapid shutdown units should be connected with the button switch

Each BFS rapid shutdown unit operates two solar panels and is positioned behind the panels and attached to the panel mounting frame. 

Good enough for 1200W DC power, so is suitable for most types of solar panel currently available on the market.

The BFS units are connected in series using plug-and-play connectors and the signal cable is then taken to the botton switch, which can be situated anywhere easy to reach. 

* Customize length signal cables for easy connection

* Tech supporting from solution to installation finish

As soon as the botton switch is activated, the BFS "shuts-down" the solar panels by isolating all the DC cabling in the building right back to the rear of the panel installation. 

In a larger, multi-storey building, a number of Botton Switch units can be located in multiple zones around the building, or on different floors as required.


* 20 years for each BFS rapid shutdown units.

* 05 years for the button switch.

Model No.BFS-11
Emergency Shutdown Cable2*1mm2 cable + communication connector
Maximum System Input Power1200W (600W per panel)
Maximum System Input Voltage120V (60V per panel - 2 in series)

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