Jan 15, 2021

Before PV-generated electricity was generally applied, most electrical equipment is based on alternating current for residential use as well as industrial use. Part of DC products are especially applied to vessel emergency protection etc with its volts less than 250 V. But it is hardly compatible with High Voltage electronics due to the rare variety.

Basically, at the initial stage of the PV industry, DC components are still not applied extensively so they modified the voltage of AC products to well fit the PV system.

With the development and standardization of the PV industry, the kinds of PV components are increasingly developed, mainly for a controller, protective products, and whole set equipment such as PV inverter and combiner box, etc.

ZJBENY DC isolator switch, fuse holder, surge protection device and DC breaker with the main function of effective isolation and protection, especially ZJBENY BYH and BDM series are available outdoors.

BYH isolators are exclusively developed to cater to the needs of the Australian market whose performances are acclaimed throughout the world and also audited as the first to meet the standards of AS60947.3:2018 carrying RCM label.

BYH is regarded as a top product in its class and highly recommended to the local installer by Australian CEC.

BYH is well praised for its UV-resistance and flame-retardant material, all-side mounted meets IP66 degree, keeping the stability under the -50℃~90℃.

The rotary switch can be locked at the OFF position in case of finger rejection which makes it safer with an aluminum casing.

ZJBENY keeps upgrading its quality of BYH series to close access to the market and meet the demands of customers. The newest version is added with breathable valves which can balance the external/internal pressure in case of condensation. The most voltage can be up to 1000V. 

The early BYH series was referred to the top league of waterproof isolators, its parameter can be up to 4P/1000V/32A, later then upgraded BYT-32 came out due to the requirements for the voltage of PV system increased and the parameter ups to 4P/1200V/32A.

BYT-32 series isolator switch conforms to the standards of IEC60947-3 features in a low-temperature rise, long longevity, short arcing time, and various wiring methods, etc.

BYH/BYT series has been enjoying a substantial increase in the share of the Australian market from the first beginning.BYH/BYT series acquired the latest SAA certificate by passing the DC-PV2 test to comply with the latest standards of PV isolators in 2018 and have been used extensively since it sets standards for the PV components industry. 

Our commitment to quality and safety is essential to the continued growth and success of our Company due to the demanding needs of today's marketplace while adapting to the dynamic changes of tomorrow. Therefore, ZJBENY is keeping the upgrading of equipment and technology to enhance the satisfaction of the customer’s loyalty.

ZJBENY continuously sticks to the principle of outstanding quality & technology to make global better.