How To Install A Third-party ZJBENY Rapid Shutdown For Your Solar Panels

How To Install A Third-party ZJBENY Rapid Shutdown For Your Solar Panels

Sep 22, 2020

How to install a third-party module level rapid shutdown ZJBENY solution


ZJBENY rapid shutdown solution is a plug and play easy installation.


One RSD unit BFS-11 will control two solar panels and for compliance with 2017 NEC, it should be mounted within the array boundary of the two panels, where the two panels are no greater than 1’ (30cm) apart from each other.





Step 1: Rapid shutdown BFS-11 connection


Connect the two PV panels in series, connect the array Positive (+) output connector to the BFS Positive (+) input connector. Connect the array Negative (-) output connector to the BFS Negative (-) input connector.


Connect other two panels like above connection.

Then connect the BFS-11 units in series by string connectors, the BFS-11 string output connectors should connect to the inverter.


Plug the BFS-11 units 24VDC communication cable in series, the cable goes to button switch.


Step 2: Emergency button switch installation


The button switch BFS-ESW11 can be conveniently located at anywhere for emergency access and is supplied with an internal 24VDC power supply to interface with the BFS units.


Locate a convenient position for mounting the BFS-ESW11 unit ensuring that mains power connection is also available. Before mounting ensure that the cable entry/exit gland positions are accessible.



Remove the BFS-ESW11 cover carefully not to damage the switch or power supply contained within the enclosure.

Insert cable glands into position, ensuring that the sealing washer is between the main gland body and the outer enclosure surface, screw the gland into position and then tighten securing locking out.