Solar Development Approach

Solar Development Approach

Oct 08, 2018

light and heat utilization

Its basic principle is to collect solar radiant energy and convert it into heat energy through the interaction with matter. At present, the most used solar energy collection devices are mainly four types of flat type collectors, vacuum tube collectors, ceramic solar collectors and focusing collectors. Solar thermal utilization is generally classified into low temperature utilization (<200 ° C), medium temperature utilization (200 to 800 ° C), and high temperature utilization (>800 ° C) depending on the temperature and use that can be achieved. At present, low-temperature utilization mainly includes solar water heaters, solar dryers, solar distillers, solar houses, solar greenhouses, solar air-conditioning refrigeration systems, etc. The medium-temperature utilization mainly includes solar cookers, solar thermal power generation concentrating collectors, etc. Solar furnace and so on.

Solar power

Clearing up new energy The future use of solar energy is used to generate electricity. There are many ways to use solar power to generate electricity.