ZJBENY Attended 2019 Renewable Energy India Expo

ZJBENY Attended 2019 Renewable Energy India Expo

Sep 23, 2019

During September 18th to 20th, the 13th Renewable Energy India Expo 2019, opened at Greater Noida in New Delhi, attracting more than 30,000 professional visitors around the world. Focusing on the application of green energy such as wind and solar energy, it has become the largest international exhibition of renewable energy in India and even in South Asia.

Located in the low latitude area, India has abundant solar resources. With the increasing population and rising energy requirement, India has become an important energy consumer in the world. According to the Indian government, around 2031, their energy requirement will grow three times and the electricity requirement will grow more than five times. Therefore, the energy policy has been listed as the national development strategies.

As one of the first suppliers of photovoltaic DC components to enter the Indian market, ZJBENY showcased the latest products including 1500V miniature circuit breakers, 1500V Surge protective device and 1500V PV combiner box at the exhibition.


Among them, DC circuit breaker has scientific arc-extinguishing and current-limiting structure, which can quickly disconnect the current suddenly occurring on the DC side of PV system to make counter-current protection; Surge protective device has high-energy varistor, nanosecond-level corresponding speed, and IP65 protection box, which can adapt to various harsh environments and prevent the risk of thunder in India. There is a huge crowd in ZJBENY exhibition booth, and the high-quality DC electrical products attracted lots of attention.


The 2019 Renewable Energy India Expo is an important opportunity for both China and India to strengthen cooperation in the field of energy. It is urgent to develop PV industry in India due to the large electricity requirement gap. On the strength of high-quality products and global support service, ZJBENY has reached strategic cooperation with many local enterprises and effectively improved the living standards of local people, which attracted wide attention and gained high recognition. In the future, based on advanced production equipment and scientific quality management process, ZJBENY will continually work hard to achieve the goal of "Everyone enjoys power". In addition, ZJBENY will devote itself to meeting the market requirement through technological innovation and performance improvement of products, and making a positive contribution in solving the global energy issues.