ZJBENY Launches Student Assistance Activities

ZJBENY Launches Student Assistance Activities

Nov 09, 2020

_20201107162715 (2)On November 6, in this season full of hope, Mr. Wang Jundan, the general manager of Zhejiang Benyi Electric Co., Ltd., and the heads of the company's office and financial department walked into Yueqing Zhenan School launched Benyi Electric's charity assistance activities, providing students with educational funds, nutritious milk and other materials for the poor students with excellent academic performance.

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Mr.Manager Wang Jundan delivered a speech at the student aid ceremony. While focusing on corporate development, ZJBENY is also a loyal performer of social responsibilities. Corporate wealth comes from society, and corporate wealth must also be given back to society to help develop education in poor rural areas. Benyi Electricity is obligatory and duty-bound.

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In this event, Mr.Wang Jundan distributed the student aid fund to 5 outstanding students and 15 poor students. The children bowed and thanked sincerely. The joy was beyond words, and happiness melted into the innocent and brilliant smiles.

ZJBENY also prepares a carton of milk for every child, hoping that while studying hard, the children will be able to maintain balanced nutrition, maintain good health, and grow up.

Love allows poor children to feel the warmth and love of society, and it also illuminates the light in the eyes of children.

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This charity assistance activity is just a small step for ZJBENY on the road to public welfare. In the future, ZJBENY will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities, actively participate in various love activities, and carry out corporate culture and humanistic care. The expected goal of a win-win situation between benefits and corporate benefits, let love pass on!